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Ohio Society of Health-System PharmacY


    OSHP is the organization in Ohio representing pharmacists, students, technicians, and associates with an interest in health-system pharmacy practice. Our goals are to enhance education, advocacy, professional guidance, recognition, and communications within our membership and to the public.

    OSHP members, this site was created with you in mind to inform, to allow you to create and maintain an accurate and informative profile, and to connect with other fellow members. 


    OUR MISSION is to support its members by advocating for the pharmacy profession and promoting safe and appropriate medication use.

    OSHP and your LOCAL AFFILIATED CHAPTER (LAC) offer ongoing support for the continuing development of your pharmacy practice through: 

    - Focus on Ohio Pharmacy practice
    - Continuing Education programs
    - Legislation tracking, testimony and newsletter updates

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    Wow! Wow! Wow!  That is my immediate reaction to the recent OSHP annual meeting at the Greater Columbus Convention Center October 26-28th.

    We started off strong with a pre-meeting program at the Ohio State SSHP meeting where ASHP president, Nishaminy Kasbeker provided greetings to the group followed by Mike Ganio, ASHP Director of Pharmacy Practice and myself providing a program on advocacy to the group. In the afternoon educational affairs came in early to set up the meeting site at Hall A and then joining the Board of Directors and Officers at Parlay for a welcome Happy Hour sponsored by Organon. We had taco and margarita fun to launch the meeting. I then hosted an Australian wine tasting in my suite at the Hilton. Everyone enjoyed learning the Mollydooker Shake!

    Friday, the meeting kicked off with an expanded traditional vendor expo in great new bigger space and then Nishaminy Kasbeker provided a fantastic Keynote bringing us into the future of the digital world. From then we launched simultaneous continuing education programs and our new product theatres with great attendance at all sessions. The sponsored lunch by PharmacyStars with the awards program recognized 18 outstanding practitioners and programs with Bob Weber receiving the Walter Frazier Award and Jackie Boyle the Pharmacist of the Year Award. The afternoon continued with more education until Happy Hour, which was a remarkable success cosponsored by COSHP, OSHP and STAQ Pharma, our new Platinum Corporate Sponsor. We started a new tradition with the President’s Dinner sponsored by ADMA Biologics.

    Saturday morning, we continued with more education and our Resident Showcase with so many programs including 10 programs from Cleveland Clinic and 7 from University Hospitals of Cleveland. The space was so much bigger and better this year and the programs were so excited with this new set up. There was so much opportunity for private and meaningful student interaction with each program.

    The afternoon featured the exciting clinical skills competition and jeopardy programs with The University of Cincinnati winning a very close competition this year! Jamie did a remarkable job coordinating these activities.

    The final wrap up was a great law presentation by the Board of Pharmacy where so many new law updates were revealed!

    The vendors loved the reverse expo with an expansion to 14 participants and we had a waiting list and could have increased with more health system leader participation. It was great to add an additional Gold and Platinum Sponsor this year as well as Happy Hour and Lunch and Dinner Sponsors.

    The worst complaint I heard was that the chicken pieces at lunch were too big! I can live with that.

    Seriously, I think 90% of everything we planned went well but we will review everything in the next few weeks to strive for even greater improvement. Our team was amazing and acting to make adjustments throughout the day. Our event coordinators, Joe and Katie were sensational. I loved the way everyone pitched in, especially since Ashley Duty was on injured reserve, we had to pick up lots of extra assignments to cover M3 and Kellie Musch, Brittany Bates, Hannah Thornton, Jamie Summerlin, Megan Adelman, and Chris Boreen did a fantastic job. Really too many people to name to make this event the success it was but Beth’s leadership was incredible like a ringmaster and Amanda kept the reverse expo on task which is no small matter. Jackie Rogers you will have big shoes to fill next year!  Also, a big thank you to the army of volunteers that really made this meeting possible.

    The planning for next year has already started and we hope to announce the date and location and exciting new keynote soon. Next year will be the biggest and best and that will take some effort after this year!  So excited and thrilled to be part of this organization.


     Jerry Siegel, PharmD, FASHP

     EVP of Ohio Society of Health-System Pharmacy

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    "The mission of OSHP is to optimize patient health by advocating for the advancement of pharmacy practice to promote comprehensive, quality care across the health-care continuum