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Ohio Society of Health-System PharmacY


OSHP Job Board

Members are welcome to share job postings on this page!  Please email us with the position information, proper links and any application instructions and we're happy to post the information for you!

Posted: 1/23/23

POSITION TITLE: Pharmacist- Nights- Lutheran Hospital.

Posted: 12/12/22

POSITION TITLE: Lead Pharmacist, Fairview Hospital

Posted: 12/12/22

POSITION TITLE: Lead Pharmacist, South Pointe Hospital

Posted: 7/15/22

POSITION TITLE: Executive Vice President 

REPORTS TO: OSHP Board of Directors 


The Executive Vice President is responsible for leading the Society, providing strategic direction in collaboration with the Board, and overseeing general aspects of association management, including other contracted entities affiliated with the Ohio Society of Health System Pharmacy (OSHP).  The Executive Vice President reports to and serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. 


The Executive Vice President role is considered a part-time role averaging 20-25 hours per week.  The Executive Vice President shall be the executive officer of the Association and shall conduct and administer the affairs of the Society in accordance with Society bylaws. The Executive Vice President shall recommend and participate in the mission, goals, objectives, strategic plan, and budgeting of the organization.  The Executive Vice President will primarily function in a non-clerical role; to advocate and build relationships with stakeholders of the society and be based in Ohio with at least 50% travel to areas across the state. 


  • Identify, and engage in, business development opportunities and membership development to grow the financial health of the organization 

  • Develop and implement membership recruitment and retention programs. Evaluate program results and present results periodically, and no less than annually, to the Board. 

  • Regularly inform the Board of Directors of ongoing membership information and data, including trends over time and any significant changes.  

  • Oversee and act as liaison for the Board of Directors for all Society Divisions and Task forces.  

  • Support, and collaborate with, the Board of Directors in strategic oversight of the Society. 

  • Serves as Corporate Secretary for the Society and affiliated companies and liaise with association management company. 

  • In conjunction with, and approval of OSHP Board of Directors, present the Society’s position on issues to other health professions, legislators, the media, and the public. 

  • Actively engage with Society membership at the annual conference as well as summer leadership retreat and other meetings as directed by the OSHP Board of Directors.  

  • Actively participate in the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and attend meetings when possible. 

  • Build relationships with key stakeholders across health system sites including Chief Pharmacy Officers, Directors of Pharmacy and influential leaders. 

  • Interface with, and represent the Society, with key stakeholders, such as the Ohio Pharmacists Association, Ohio College of Clinical Pharmacy, Ohio Hospital Association, Ohio Board of Pharmacy, as well as the Ohio State Medical Association and Ohio Nursing Association, and the Council of Ohio Colleges of Pharmacy and others identified by the board.  

  • Build and maintain working relationships with CEOs and senior staff members of other professional associations (which may include but not limited to: the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists,  and other national associations with shared interests). 

  • Recommend to the Board which associations, organizations or programs OSHP might formally join or support.  

  • Represent the Society at other key professional meetings as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.  

  • Represent and/or ensure representation of the Society at key State and National legislative, policy and advocacy hearings, sessions and meetings as appropriate. 

  • Other duties as assigned by the Executive-Finance Committee. 



  • Working with the Treasurer & association management team, ensures that all funds, physical assets, and other property of the Association or its affiliates are appropriately safeguarded and administered. 

  • With the Finance Committee, develops and recommends an annual budget to the Board of Directors. 

  • Operates within approved budget. 

  • Seeks and develops additional revenue sources. 

  • Ensures compliance with policies and procedures, including timely filing of taxes. 



  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in pharmacy. 

  • Licensure as a pharmacist in good standing in the state of Ohio 

  • Willing and able to travel at least50% of the time 

  • Minimum of five (5) years of experience, or equivalent, in a supervisory or management role is recommended.  

  • Prior professional organization involvement is recommended. 

  • Knowledge and familiarity with contemporary pharmacy practice.  

  • Experience in financial and policy management, and strategic planning.  

  • Understanding of legislative and regulatory processes.  

  • Exemplary communication skills, both written and verbal.  

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About the organization

"The mission of OSHP is to optimize patient health by advocating for the advancement of pharmacy practice to promote comprehensive, quality care across the health-care continuum