Ohio Society of Health-System PharmacY

Previous Recipients: The OSHP Walter M. Frazier Award

The OSHP Walter M. Frazier Award
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2021: Michelle Dusing Wiest, PharmD, BCPS, FASHP
2020: Samuel Calabrese, RPh, MBA, FASHP

2018: Milap Nahata, PharmD, MS
2017: Robert N. "Rob" Mains, RPh
2014: Philip Miller, RPh, MS
2011: Rex Speerhas, RPh, CDE, BCNSP
2010: Wayne Conrad, PharmD, FASHP
2009: Amy Bennett
2007: Karen L. Kier, PhD
2005: Marianne Ivey,PharmD, MPH 
2004: Alicia Miller, M.S.
2003: David Boyer 
2002: Kathleen Donley, MBA 
2001: Ronald E. Mortus, MBA, FASHP 
2000: Dale E. Lewis 
1999: Jill E. Martin, Pharm.D. 
1998: Frank Krivanek, M.S. 
1997: Jerry Siegel, FASHP 
1996: Robert Parsons 
1995: David Waller, M.S. 
1993: William P. Owad, Jr., MBA 
1992: Donald N. Schneider, M.S. 
1991: James C. Klepcyk, M.S. 
1990: Evlyn Gray Scott 
1989: Richard Seim 
1988: Donald L. Bennett 
1987: David Ott 
1986: Marva Tschampel 
1985: Gregory Little 
1984: Thomas Sherrin 
1983: Sonya Shultz 
1981: Clifton J. Latiolais 
1980: Alex Tanazevich 
1979: Marianne Bennett 
1978: Hal Prisco 
1977: Franz Geisz 
1976: Jeanne Sickafooose 
1975: Jack Hovis

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"The mission of OSHP is to optimize patient health by advocating for the advancement of pharmacy practice to promote comprehensive, quality care across the health-care continuum